Day 5—I’m in the Seventh Inning Stretch!

Bring on the Juice!

Remember the produce loot photo? Well, that was supposed to be all the ingredients for four days of juice fasting. Because I didn’t make the 5 juices per day that was slated, I had plenty to take me into this day. The bad news? The recipes left over—by glance of their ingredients—were not on registering on my yumminess scale. But I had to try everything at least once. And I did. The first juice I drank of the day ended up being the 6th that I juiced. Yes, that is right. Five juices down the drain. One of the five actually made me have a gag reflex. It was horrible! Remember juicing is not to be a chore (besides washing all the juicer components after each juice). Juicing is supposed to be healthy and enjoyable. The ingredients were already purchased, either way they were going to end up in the compost, might as well try them first. No happy surprises here. But at least I can say I tried.

The rest of the day’s juices? Whatever I wanted. Carrots, kale and cucumbers are my favorite veggies and I like every fruit that grows. My day’s remaining juices were a combination of those wonderful yums. I read in one book and on a couple of websites that drinking the same few juices every time you juice is best for a body detox because the body doesn’t have to keep adjusting to the new variteies. I have no idea if this holds any truth, but I know when I used to eat the same breakfast and lunch everyday with my dinner only have slight variations—I felt amazing! I plan to research further.

Mood, Body and Energy

Like yesterday, I am not having bursts of energy with lows intertwined which was the mantra of my prefasting days. My energy and drive is at a constant throughout the day which rocks. My sleep is perfect. My skin is brighter already (I have a good baseline for measuring this—makeup). My organs are quiet still. Maybe it is TMI but I haven’t had any bowel movements for days. No fiber to push it through. Because I didn’t remember hearing about this important detail on Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, I researched it and found this is a normal occurrence although not healthy. Toxins can build up in your intestines and leach into your tissues. Herbal laxatives are a recommended solution from a myriad of websites.

Every thing is great except for my brain! It still is not fully functioning. Normally I am a very efficient multi-tasker and a very focused individual, my cognitive thinking is very high. Not now!  My brain is in a fog and I feel as if the world is passing by me too quickly. I cannot focus on reading which is the hobby I do most regularly. My mind wanders in conversations, my smartass wit is gone—it is my trademark trait! I couldn’t even concentrate on the Twins game and we were at Target Field. Even though my body feels good, I do not like where my mind is at. When I am speaking (or writing) I will lose words, snap my fingers and try to push the word out, but get sidetracked in the process and go somewhere else. The only thing I can relate this too is when I am running on fumes without sleep.  I get a little delirious and lack in the smarts department when I am up for over 24 hours with little sleep the night before. That never worries me, I know my body and mind are tired and all I need is rest to reset myself. Done. But this is a whole new ballgame. I know my fat intake is practically nonexistent right now. I know that fat runs the brain, so I added some pure coconut oil to one of my juices tonight in hopes that I can gain some mental power. (Coconut oil is basically 100% fat). We shall see, I have an interview tomorrow and I need to be sharp! Not a good place to lose words. If the coconut oil doesn’t have the desired effect, my fast probably will be ending at 7 days. I still have my cat like reflexes though. My reactive senses are so sharp that no thought is required, it is instantaneous.

First Social Outing and First Smells of Real Food

Target Field, so beautiful

WE WON!!! I love seeing the Twins play, but was a little nervous. Nervous to be away from my juicer and because at a ballpark there are a plethora of delightful smells. Although I knew I would stay true to my choice, I knew I would have no control over what my body did. I didn’t want to be living with hunger pangs or annoying anyone with my RockBand belly. Piece of cake. All those smells were wonderful. I could appreciate them for afar and cheaply. I was able to smell all the goodies, but didn’t have the heaviness or cost of devouring any. Not one stomach growl. The friends we went with were supportive and nonjudgemental—great traits for friend, but extremely appreciative when doing something unconventional. Next Day 6—Mojo Juice!!! Juicing Overview


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